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The Mentoring/Professional Development Committee



Co-Chair - (2022-2025) - Active
Katherine A. Burns, MD
Co-Chair - (2023-2026) - Candidate
Arianna Gianakos, DO
Committee  Member - (2024-2027) - Active
Giselle  Hernandez, MD
Committee  Member - (2022-2025) - Active
Gregory Alexander Brown, MD
Committee  Member - (2024-2027) - Resident
Ezra  Goodrich, MD
Committee  Member - (2024-2027) - Resident
Ezra  Goodrich, MD
Committee  Member - (2022-2025) - Active
Julianne Munoz
Committee  Member - (2024-2027) - Active
Committee Member - (2022-2025) - Student
Sarah Adkins
Committee  Member - (2024-2027) - Active
Jenna Godfrey, MD
Committee  Member - (2022-2025) - Candidate
Meredith Bartelstein, MD
Committee  Member - (2022-2025) - Active
Frances D. Faro, MD
Committee  Member - (2022-2025) - Resident
Molly Anne Hulbert, MD
Committee  Member - (2022-2025) - Student
Sophia Mavrommotis
Committee  Member - (2023-2026) - Active
Caroline Tougas, MD
Committee  Member - (2023-2026) - Resident
Danielle Marshall, MD
Committee  Member - (2023-2026) - Resident
Mikalyn DeFoor, MD
Committee  Member - (2023-2026) - Student
Trinity Samson
Committee Member - (2023-2026) - Student
Cristina DelPrete
Committee  Member - (2023-2026) - Resident
Hannah Day, MD
Committee  Member - (2023-2026) - Student
Susan Wager

Katherine Burns, MD

Dr. Katherine Burns is a board-certified orthopedic surgeon practicing in St. Louis, MO with a subspecialty certification in sports medicine.

Dr Burns serves as the Director of Orthopedics at DePaul Hospital. She completed an RJOS international traveling fellowship focused on shoulder surgery in 2005. Her surgical interests include shoulder arthritis, rotator cuff tears, shoulder instability, shoulder replacement, and return to sports after shoulder surgery.

Dr Burns has volunteered with other orthopedic organizations, including the ASES, AOSSM, and the Forum. She is active in research and education, and publishes and presents regularly on shoulder surgery. Dr Burns has two adult children, and enjoys ice hockey, scuba diving, travel and hiking.


Arianna Gianakos, DO

Dr. Arianna Gianakos is an Attending Orthopaedic Surgeon and Assistant Professor at Yale Medicine, Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation.

Dr Gianakos completed her Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgery fellowship at Harvard-Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston. Following her training, she became the first In-Office Needle Arthroscopy and Foot and Ankle Sports Medicine International Travel Fellow.

Dr Gianakos fine-tuned her skills with world renowned surgeons in New York City, London, Amsterdam, Italy, and Greece. Dr. Gianakos has also been working towards completion of her Ph.D. at the University of Amsterdam with her area of focus on Gender Differences in Foot and Ankle Orthopaedic Surgery. Dr. Gianakos has over 50 peer-reviewed publications and 10 book chapters and has presented her work at numerous international and national platforms across the world. 

Dr Gianakos is a founding member of SpeakUpOrtho where she is leading a SpeakUp Coalition Call to Action Initiative with leaders in various medical specialties across the country aiming to improve the culture of residency training to effect policy change. She is a physician advocate in Physician Just Equity providing peer-support to physicians who experience workplace conflicts, through education, research, empowerment and advocacy while facilitating institutional culture change.

Dr Gianakos was recently awarded the Women in Medicine Summit #Trailblazer Award and received the first ever 2021 Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society Courage Award for her work. In addition to her leadership role within RJOS, she also serves on the AOFAS Humanitarian Committee and Women in Orthopaedics Worldwide group.

Our Work

Early Career Mentoring
RJOS established its mentor program as part of our commitment to the professional development needs of our members. The RJOS one-on-one mentoring program is for early and mid-career physicians who are candidate or active members of the RJOS. Our one-on-one mentoring program is offered annually in the fall.  

Resident/Fellow Resources
For residents and fellows, we offer online resources, group mentoring, and support. 

Medical Student Resources
For medical students we offer online resources and group mentoring opportunities. RJOS has resources to help address the issues facing our female medical students. We have prerecorded webinars and information to guide students through the process of applying for and successfully matching in an orthopedic residency.    

Professional Development
Orthopaedic surgery is an exciting and gratifying profession for women, bringing many challenges and opportunities. Our committee provides resources to support our members on their career journey. We provide answers to commonly asked questions about interviewing, job changes, success strategies, avoiding burnout, work-life balance, and a wide array of issues women who are orthopaedic surgeons face. 
Coming soon - check back for a calendar of upcoming Mentoring/Professional Development events.

Our committee looks forward to interacting with you at our Annual Meeting. The Annual Meeting is an excellent opportunity to bring our mentors and mentees together and survey our members on our mentoring and professional development programming. 

Please reach out to with any questions!  

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