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RJOS Circles

RJOS Circles: Peer Mentoring

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” - Proverb

What are RJOS Circles? Circles is a group peer mentorship program designed to create small communities of connected, invested, and engaged members. Finding connections and support at work can be challenging. Circles is designed to increase access to mentors and role models.

Participating in the RJOS Circles program offers a unique and invaluable opportunity for personal and professional growth. Circles are a safe space to share struggles, give and get advice, and celebrate wins. Circles are an opportunity to provide guidance, share experiences, and offer strategic insights into navigating the complexities of work and life in orthopedics. Our goal is to foster relationships that will help you overcome barriers, build resilience, and advance confidently in your orthopedic career.

Requirements for Circles Participants:
• Candidate or active member in good standing
• Willingness to meet via Zoom monthly with their Circles
• Willingness to attend the RJOS Annual Meeting at AAOS

*Selection for the Circles program depends on the number of people who agree to function as Circle leaders. Circles of 4-12 individuals will be created annually immediately before the RJOS annual meeting and are expected to meet 10-12 times during the year. This commitment requires monthly Zoom or phone meetings and an in-person meeting at the RJOS annual meeting, hosted concurrently with the AAOS meeting.

Please click here to link to the application.

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