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2024 Grants & Scholarships Recipients


Welcome to our grants and scholarships recipients page! Discover the remarkable individuals who have been awarded support through our programs.

Zimmer Biomet Podium Presentation Full Scholarship

Thanks to RJOS and Zimmer Biomet, I had the honor to present my work on total joint arthroplasty costs and reimbursements at this year’s annual meeting. This was my very first podium presentation, and the opportunity highlights one of the central reasons I joined Ruth Jackson: to grow my career and research skills! The experience of presenting my work surrounded by my female peers was incredibly fulfilling. This wonderful community of orthopedic legends has only reinvigorated my love for the field and excited me for what’s to come. Thank you to RJOS for having me, and I’m already looking forward to next year’s meeting!

Gabrielle Dykhouse, MS2
Weill Cornell Medical College

Zimmer Biomet Foundation Medical Student Scholarship

Attending the RJOS Annual Meeting provided an incredible opportunity to connect with empowering women in the field. Prior to my involvement with RJOS, the absence of a home orthopaedics residency program made finding mentorship challenging. However, at the meeting, I gained valuable insight on preparing for away-rotations and residency applications by engaging with residents and attending physicians from programs across the country. The keynote speaker’s inspiration reinforced confidence in pursuing my goals, and the They for ShePanel sparked excitement about the direction orthopaedic surgery culture is heading. I am immensely grateful to RJOS for the scholarship and continued support in my journey.

Emily Reeson, MS3
Creighton University School of Medicine

Perry Initiative Medical Student Scholarship 

With RJOS being my first-ever conference, I am extremely grateful for the opportunity I had to attend. Walking into the meeting, I was immediately inspired by the number of women like me who were also interested in orthopedics, which was quite a change coming from a small medical school program.  Throughout the day filled with panels of speakers, I learned to hold my head high and be proud of my interests, while never letting the obstacles in my way ever get to my head because I am not on this journey alone. I am more than excited to continue down my path and can't wait to eventually work with all the wonderful people I met at RJOS this year! 

Debra Chan, MS2
CUNY School of Medicine

AAOS IDEA Grant Medical Student Scholarship

It was a wonderful experience to attend the Ruth Jackson and AAOS meetings. Coming from a school without an ortho residency program, I learned a great deal about the field and how to improve success in the match. I am humbled and honored to have received this awesome scholarship.

Senah Stephens, MS2
Eastern Virginia Medical School

Zimmer Biomet Foundation Medical Student Scholarship

My time at the RJOS 2024 Annual Meeting was very rewarding - from celebrating the progress the organization has made in the past year, to hearing insightful words from our presenters and panelists, to simply being surrounded by spear-headers (many of them female!) in the field of orthopedics. Multiple educational opportunities were available including Research Day and interactive Q&As. While being in medical school can be arduous at times, it's events like these that continue to inspire me; the Annual Meeting served as a reminder of how bright the future of orthopedics is knowing it is led by such passionate individuals, both women and men. 

Rica Generoso, MS2
Central Michigan University College of Medicine

Annual Meeting Artwork Scholarship

Attending the RJOS Annual Meeting was a fantastic experience. I was so inspired by the amazing women in the field and the high-quality research being done by fellow medical students that center around women in orthopaedics. The energy of the moderators, presenters, and speakers was unmatched.

Yuri Han, MS2
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

AAOS IDEA Grant for RJOS Medical Student Regional Representative Scholarship

Receiving the AAOS IDEA grant gave me the opportunity to meet in person with a group of incredible people dedicated to advancing equity in orthopaedics, an opportunity that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. Through the RJOS and AAOS annual meetings, I received excellent mentorship and connected with fellow medical students who encourage each other to constantly be striving to improve. I’m so inspired by the passion that everyone has for orthopaedics and I can’t wait to see everyone again next year!

Danielle Destiny, MS3
Tufts University School of Medicine

Zimmer Biomet Foundation Medical Student Scholarship

Having the opportunity to attend the annual RJOS meeting allowed me to further connect with women in the field of orthopedics. I was able to further network with my peers and learn about the amazing research, projects, and advocacy that is happening in RJOS on the local and national levels. I am very appreciative of the scholarship that allowed me to have this experience.

Claire Callan, MS3
FIU Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

Zimmer Biomet Podium Presentation Full Scholarship

I have viewed the RJOS community as my support system and home base since first coming to the meeting two years ago and being shocked by the feeling of being surrounded by a sea of women - how could something like this exist in ortho? Getting the opportunity to stand in front of this sea of women and present my work ABOUT women to them, thanks to the generous support of Zimmer Biomet, was the greatest gift and joy I could imagine. I was not nervous, I was uplifted and elated by the knowledge that everyone in that audience was rooting for me and waiting to create a space for me at their table.

Jessica Schmerler, MS3
Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Zimmer Biomet Foundation Medical Student Scholarship

It was truly inspiring to see a room filled with women in orthopaedics—future colleagues, mentors, and friends. RJOS has created something extraordinary—an environment of support, comfort, and resources for women in orthopaedics. Witnessing the powerhouse women on stage during the conference in San Francisco has fueled my inspiration to become one of them. I am deeply grateful for the scholarship from Zimmer Biomet and support from RJOS!

Jhillika Patel, MS3
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Zimmer Biomet Podium Presentation & Mark Barantz MD Prize for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

I am truly grateful for the opportunity to have research that highlights issues important to women in orthopaedic surgery be recognized and supported by RJOS. To be in a room of colleagues and mentors who are working towards making the field of orthopaedic more equitable and a place where everyone has a seat at the table is an incredible experience and I am excited for all there is to come with RJOS!

Cristina DelPrete, MS4
Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Zimmer Biomet Foundation Medical Student Scholarship

Thank you to RJOS and Zimmer Biomet for your sponsorship to attend the RJOS Annual Meeting! This was my first time attending and I had an absolutely wonderful time meeting new people, seeing people face-to-face after many zoom calls, and reconnecting with old friends.  The RJOS Annual Meeting showed me what a strong network of women orthopaedic surgeons can accomplish when they come together and support one another in their endeavors.

Nicolette Schurhoff, MS2
University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

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