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Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research® (CORR)

CORR® - RJOS's Official Journal

Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research®, or CORR®, is the official journal of the Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society. Here are some “fun facts” about your official journal:

CORR® is a great read. If you have not seen CORR® lately, you really ought to take a look. While CORR® continues to publish the high-quality peer reviewed scientific content for which it justifiably has become known, you may be excited to learn that every month CORR® also publishes features, commentaries, spotlight interviews, a monthly editorial, and more than 20 regular columns on topics ranging from Art in Science to RJOS’s own column, Equity360: Gender, Race and Ethnicity (written by Mary O'Connor).  

We are proud to say that our official journal is the largest orthopaedic journal in the world by content volume – over 3000 pages last year – and as such, it covers the full breadth and diversity of our specialty.

Check out to get a sense for the many changes afoot at your official journal. CORR® shares our sense of mission. Our official journal has led the way in terms of keeping gender issues in the front of orthopaedic surgeons’ minds. Their editorial page has set standards for clarity of scientific reporting on matters pertaining to sex and gender, their spotlight page has featured articles that raise the profile of these important issues, RJOS has the podium in CORR® in the form of a quarterly column, and CORR® has promoted these topics in major symposia – two in the last two years.

All RJOS members get full-text access to CORR at no charge. You should already receive the monthly electronic table of contents (if you don’t, please let us know); and you should know all RJOS members get full-text access to all of CORR’s content through RJOS’s website.  

CORR® is a great place to send your own research. Over 11,000 institutions and consortia around the world receive each CORR® each month, and CORR’s articles are downloaded over 3 million times per year. Over 47,000 individual readers see its electronic tables of contents each month, and tens of thousands more see them through society arrangements. CORR® also has invested heavily in the “author experience”. Time from submission to acceptance is fast – typically, under 4 months – and CORR® provides an electronic “app” that makes manuscript writing much easier. This article-building tool is available at no charge here.

‍CORR® invites all RJOS members to participate in the peer-review process. As CORR® is our official journal, all of us should be invested in making it as good as it can be. Reviewing articles in our areas of best expertise is the way to do this. If you wish to review for CORR®, please let them know by sending an email to the editor-in-chief (Seth S. Leopold, MD) and indicate what area(s) you are most interested in. CORR® has made it easier to review – check out their new reviewer “app” which helps to focus you on the key methodological elements particular to each article type. It’s also great to give to your residents to play with to prepare for journal club!

If you have any questions about the RJOS- CORR® relationship, please feel free to email RJOS or email the editor-in-chief, Seth Leopold.

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