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>> Past presidents of RJOS

40 Years of Leadership

Pushing the boundaries of the status quo.

The Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society is very proud of the many exceptional, dedicated and outstanding members who have served the Society as President. Under their leadership, RJOS continues to grow and prosper while offering guidance to the orthopaedic leaders of the future.

1983 Liebe S. Diamond, MD (Deceased)
1984 Jacquelin Perry, MD (Deceased)
1985 Mary Williams Clark, MD (Emeritus)
1986 Mary L. Morden, MD (Emeritus)
1987 Dorothy Balthazar-Saucier, MD
1988 Helen Horstmann, MD
1989 Diana Carr, MD
1990 Mary Ann Keenan, MD
1991 Laura L. Tosi, MD
1992 Diane E. Gilles, MD
1993 Janet Walker, MD
1994 Vicki Kalen, MD
1995 Peggy L. Naas, MD
1996 Rosemarie Morwessel, MD
1997 Mary Lloyd Ireland, MD
1998 Mary Lynn Newport, MD
1999 Debra A. Zillmer, MD
2000 Dale E. Jarka, MD
2001 J. Sybil Biermann, MD
2002 Holly J. Duck, MD
2003 Daneca M. DiPaolo, MD
2004 Ellen Raney, MD
2005 Kim Templeton, MD
2006 Mary O’Connor, MD
2007 E. Anne Ouellette, MD
2008 Sharon L. Hame, MD
2009 Ann E. Van Heest, MD
2010 Laura Gehrig, MD
2011 Lisa Cannada, MD
2012 Michelle James, MD
2013 Amy Ladd, MD
2014 Jennifer M. Wolf, MD
2015 Kristy L. Weber, MD
2016 Lisa Lattanza, MD
2017 Claudette Lajam, MD
2018 Alexandra (Alex) E. Page, MD
2019 Marlene DeMaio, MD
2020 Dawn LaPorte, MD
2021 Julie Samora, MD
2022 Mary K. Mulcahey, MD
2023 Christen Russo, MD

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