Articles and Podcasts of Interest

Click here to read, What You Can Do to Support Women in Orthopaedics Worldwide, an Editorial written by Dr. Seth S. Leopold, published in the September 2021 issue of CORR

Click here to read, Why Aren't More Women Doctors in the Top-Paying Specialties?, written by Christine Lehmann, MA, published in MedScape 

Click here to view the podcast, Madam Athlete, which focuses on women in sports medicine.  During this interview, Mary Mulcahey, MD discusses her career, including her involvement with RJOS and the importance of pipeline programs and mentoring in recruiting women in orthopaedics. 

Click here to view the TV interview with Lisa Cannada, MD on More People Breaking Bones During the Pandemic, on September 7, 2020

Click here to read - Equity in Surgery - Being Diverse and Inclusive Isn't Enough, published September 5, 2020 in OrthoEvidence  

Click here to view the She Can Fix It Podcast, produced by Dr. Alana Munger, that showcases and expands the visibility of the phenomenal female surgeons of orthopaedic surgery. We have 12 episodes thus far, including Dr. Ann Van Heest, Dr. Anna Miller, Dr. Claudia Thomas, Dr. Rachel Goldstein, Dr. Casey Humbyrd, and Dr. Mary O’Connor.

Click here to read - Female Surgeons Are Still Treated as Second-Class Citizens, based on RJOS survey results from the survey conducted by Dr. Antonio Chen.

Click here to view the video - We Can Do Better. We Can Be Better: Inclusion and Mutual Respect of Women in the Orthopaedic Workplace, presented by the American Association of Hip and Knee Surgeons (AAHKS)

Click here to listen to the Podcast - Champions of Active Women, with Dr. Mary L. Ireland, presented by the Active Women's Health Initiative at the University of Kentucky

Click here to view all podcasts presented by the Champions of Active Women, University of Kentucky

Click here to read - Inappropriate Questions Asked of Female Orthopaedic Surgery Applicants from 1971 - 2015, published in JAAOS, July 2019   

  Click here to read - The Perception of Pregnancy and Parenthood Among Female Orthopaedic Residents, co-written by Mary K. Mulcahey, MD and Mary I. O'Connor, MD, published in JAAOS, July 2019

  Click here to read - Making the Case (Again) for Gender Equity, written by Dr. Marlene DeMaio, published in AAOS Now, June 2019

  Click here to read - Medicolegal Sidebar: Avoiding Gender-based Inequities During Orthopaedic Training, co-written by Dr. Mary I. O'Connor, published in CORR, June 2019

  Click here to read the Discussion Paper: Gender-Based Differences in Burnout: Issues Faced by Women Physicians, co-written by Kim Templeton, MD, published in National Academy of Medicine, May 28, 2019. 

Click here to listen to the Podcast, Is unconscious bias healthcare's "dirty little secret"?, with Mary I O'Connor, MD and Bonnie Simpson Mason, MD, posted to Movement is Life, May 2019

  Click here to read - CORR Editorial: Fears About #MeToo are No Excuse to Deny Mentorship to Women in Orthopaedic Surgery, published March 2019

   Click here to read - The Importance of Mentorship: Inspiration and Support, written by Dr. Christen Russo, published in AAOS Now, March 2018