The Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society mentoring program has been established as part of our commitment to the professional development needs of our members. The RJOS mentoring program is for medical students and residents alike. We offer several different avenues for mentorship in order to allow RJOS members to choose the avenue that best fits their needs.


  • Mentorship Lectureship Program
    • Every 1-2 months
    • Interactive online forum with intergenerational mentors
    • Topic specific with breakout sessions to create a more intimate environment
    • Recorded so can be reviewed asynchronously if you’re unable to attend
  • Mentorship Office Hours
    • Every 3-4 months close to specific deadlines
    • Have your specific questions answers relating to residency applications, interviews and matching


  • Sign up on our Facebook webpage. This webpage allows for real time answers to your most burning questions by multiple mentors. It is also searchable allowing members to review questions asked by other members.
  • Have a question that you would like answered by our mentorship team? Send us a message!


  • Allows for one-on-one interaction with a longer-term commitment
  • Priority given to residents followed by medical students that do not have home orthopaedic programs
  • Assigned as mentors become available. Matches established through a confidential process.
    • Please note that this matching may take several months and not all applicants will be assigned a mentor. If you have specific questions or more urgent needs, we encourage you to utilize the platforms listed above.
  • Guidelines for Mentees >

  • To enroll as a Mentee, please complete the form on the Members Only page.  To access the form, go to the Member Login at the top of this page. 



  • RJOS is seeking commitments from a diverse group of individuals willing to be matched with mentees. As a mentor, you choose to dedicate as much time as you are willing to give. Connections can be made through e-mail, phone calls, or during the RJOS Annual Meeting will make a difference to a mentee.
  • Offer guidance to help members navigate their careers
  • Be a role model to the next generation of female orthopaedic surgeons
  • All levels of expertise welcome
  • Guidelines for Mentors >

  • To enroll as a Mentor, please complete the form on the Members Only page. To access the form, go to the Member Login at the top of this page.

RJOS strongly encourages member participation in this important program. Please contact RJOS with questions or for more details: The RJOS Mentoring Program is for members only, so join or renew to participate.



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