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Spring 2020 Newsletter Image
Spring 2020 Newsletter

In this issue: Presidential Message, 2020 RJOS Annual Meeting Webinar Series, 2020 Grant and Scholarship Recipients, Member in Spotlight

Summer 2019 Newsletter Image
Summer 2019 Newsletter

In this issue: President's Welcome, Committee Updates; Welcome New Members; Member Spotlight; RJOS Grant and Scholarship Opportunities

2019 Spring Newsletter Image
2019 Spring Newsletter

In this issue: Inaugural Welcome by RJOS President Marlene DeMaio, MD; New and Reinstated Members; 2019 Grant and Scholarship Recipients; Member Spotlight

2018 Winter Newsletter Image
2018 Winter Newsletter

In this issue:  Congratulations to Dawn LaPorte, MD, details on the 2019 RJOS Annual Meeting, Welcome to New Members and Member Spotlight.

Spring 2018 Newsletter Image
Spring 2018 Newsletter

In this issue: the Inaugural Message by RJOS President Alexe Page, MD; Recognition of 2018 RJOS Grant and Scholarship Recipients, Member Spotlight.

2017 Winter Newsletter Image
2017 Winter Newsletter

In this issue: 2018 RJOS Annual Program of Events Detials for New Orleans, LA; Welcome to New Members; RJOS Committee Updates.

Fall 2017 Newsletter Image
Fall 2017 Newsletter

In this issie: 2018 Annual Meeting Detials; Introduction of the RJOS Volunteer Speaker Program; Updates from RJOS Committees.

2017 Spring Newsletter Image
2017 Spring Newsletter

In this issue: The Inaugural Presidential Welcome From our New RJOS President Dr. Claudette Lajam;  List of New Leadership and Committee Chairs; NOLC Meeting Updates.

Winter 2017 Newsletter Image
Winter 2017 Newsletter


In this issue: 2017 RJOS Annual Program of Events for San Diego, CA; Welcome to New Members; Member Spotlight.

2016 Fall Newsletter Image
2016 Fall Newsletter

In this issue: 2017 Grants and Scholarship Opportunities Announcement; “I belong to the RJOS because…” Member Campaign; Featured Job Opportunities; Members in the Spotlight:...

2016 Summer Newsletter Image
2016 Summer Newsletter

In this issue: RJOS President, Lisa Lattanza, MD’s Inaugural Presidential Welcome; Fun Facts about CORR, RJOS’s Official Journal; Members in the Spotlight: Jacqueline (Munch) Brady,...

2016 Winter Newsletter Image
2016 Winter Newsletter

In this issue: Early Bird Registration Ending Soon;Preview of the RJOS Annual Program of Events; Featured Job Opportunities; Member in the Spotlight: Jennifer M Weiss, MD; 2015 AAOS Fall Meeting...