2020 RJOS/Zimmer Biomet Grant, Fellowship and Scholarship Recipients

The Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society (RJOS) is pleased to recognize the recipients of the 2020 grants, fellowships and scholarships.   

RJOS extends sincere appreciation to Zimmer Biomet, Surgical Care Affiliates, NYU-Langone Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and the AAOS Orthopaedic Political Action Committee (OrthoPAC) for their generous contributions in support of the 2020 Grant and Scholarship Program. 


RJOS/Zimmer Biomet Clinical/Basic Science Research Grant awarded to:


Antonia F. Chen, MD

Title of Research: Prevention of Arthrofibrosis Using Vitamin A and E


 Alexandra Kirkley, MD Academic Traveling Fellowship, sponsored by Zimmer Biomet awarded to:

Megan Ann Conti Mica, MD

Fellowship to focus on elbow anatomy, pathology and treatment and the nuances of sports related injuries and learning how to balance clinical, research and academic demands


 Jacquelin Perry, MD Resident Research Awards, sponsored by Zimmer Biomet, awarded to:

Stephanie Devin Goldstein, MD

Title of Research: The Effect of an Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Attire on Patient Perceptions of Competence and Surgical Skill


Elizabeth Joy Scott, MD

Title of Research: Assessment of Disability Related to Hip Dysplasia Using Objective Measures of Physical Performance


RJOS/SCA Professional Development Scholarship, sponsored by Surgical Care Affiliates, awarded to:

 Catherine A. Logan, MD


NYU Langone Marian Frauenthal Sloan Resident Scholarship – sponsored by NYU-Langone Department of Orthopaedic Surgery

Sophia Angelina Traven, MD


Health Strategy and Advocacy Research (Health STAR) Fellowship, sponsored by the AAOS Orthopaedic Political Action Committee (OrthoPAC), awarded to:

 Inez M. Kelleher, MD


  Resident Annual Meeting Scholarships, sponsored by Zimmer Biomet, awarded to:

Elyse Christina Bixby, MD

Monique C. Chambers, MD

Erika Leigh Daley, MD

Jillian Gruber, MD

Kendall Mieko Masada, MD

Meghan Morley, MD

Catherine Olinger, MD  

Pooja Prabhakar, MD

Michelle Ramirez, MD

Elianna Saltzman, MD

Lauren Shapiro, MD

Catphuong Le Vu, MD, MPH  


Medical Student Annual Meeting Scholarships, sponsored by Zimmer Biomet, awarded to:

Brittany Ammerman

Zoe Ana Bartynski

Elyse Jordan Berlinberg

Sarah Bhattacharjee

Kaitlin Elizabeth Buhrke

Xi Chen

Michele Christy

Kathleen Layne Collins

Francesca Rose Coxe

Catherine Teresa Eccleston

Riddhi Mukul Gandhi

Terah Hennick

Brenda C. Iglesias

Julie Jin

Jennifer Kallini

Niobra Keah

Cara Lai

Christa Lynn LiBrizzi

Meredith Grogan Moore

Samantha Isiuwa Okundia

Yesha Parekh

Dana Alexandra Perim

Vaishali Ravikumar

Amanda Louise Reilly

Ariana Alexis Reyes

Alexis Bauman Sandler

Kathryn Elizabeth Schultz

Kelsey Sheets

Caitlyn Jennifer Smith

Sarah Toner

Palak Walia

Rachel Leigh Wargacki

Rolanda Amanda Willacy

Lily Kathleen Wood

Aaron Zohar-Bondar