RJOS 2020-2021 Strategic Plan




Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society 2020- 2021 Strategic Plan


Mission Statement:              

Promote professional development of women of all backgrounds to succeed in orthopaedic surgery throughout all stages of their careers.


Strategic Domains


I.   Diversity and Inclusion

Goal 1:      Increase diversity and inclusion within the Society

Goal 2:      Provide resources to promote and increase diversity and inclusion in Orthopaedic surgery and in leadership roles

II.   Professional Development: Provide meaningful educational opportunities to enhance members’ careers.

Goal 1:      Establish a professional development and leadership curricula

Goal 2:      Enhance resource sharing, knowledge exchange and community strengthening.


III.   Membership: Serve and engage members.

Goal 1:      Build a member benefits portfolio based on member needs by career stage.

Goal 2:      Enhance member interactions and create a strong mentoring network.


IV.   Research: Empower members to participate in and lead research projects.

Goal 1:      Expand the Society’s research funding and award opportunities.

Goal 2:      Create greater awareness of research opportunities to increase participation.


V.   Organizational Excellence:  Become and maintain a healthy and viable Society

Goal 1:      Improve the Society’s governance and operating structure.

Goal 2:      Build a culture of transparency.

Goal 3:      Secure the Society’s fiscal health.     


Essential Components resonate throughout each strategic domain.

  • Collaboration/ Partnerships
  • Communications
  • Diversity
  • Education