RJOS Is Seeking Applications for Open Committee Positions

Committee on Committees 2023 – Open Positions for 3 year terms 2023-2026

RJOS is now accepting applications for several Committee and Task Force positions.  Deadline for interested members to apply is midnight Central Standard Time on Wednesday, January 11, 2023.

To be eligible to serve on a committee you must be a a member of RJOS in good standing for at least one year.

Selection to a committee involves a commitment of at least one meeting per quarter with the committee, attendance at the annual meeting at least once during your three year term, and timely communication with the committee chair to accomplish specific tasks.

  1. Membership Committee

3 positions, 3 year term 2023-2026

2 Active/Candidate

1 Resident or Student member

The membership committee assists with maintaining membership records including developing programs to benefit current members., sending a membership survey every other year. They also work to review and develop initiatives to recruit new members, as well work on retention of members especially as they convert from student to resident, resident/fellow to candidate memberships. This year they will also help with the addition  of local/regional chapters including a new medical student liaison to approve local chapters, respond to questions, and encourage new local chapter members to become RJOS members.

  1. Professional Development

1 position, 3 year term 2023-2026

1 Active member

1 Resident member 

The RJOS Professional Development Committee develops content and resources to support members in professional pursuits and career advancement in all stages, from pre-medical students to attendings and beyond. Current resources and programs include: members-only resources, contributing to AAOS Now, BUMP UP program, Professional Development Symposium  and scholarship selection.


  1. Scientific Committee

4 positions, 3 year term 2023-2026

2 Active/Candidate members

2 Resident members

 The scientific committee maintains relationships with industry to support our grant and fellowship programs, reviews grant and fellowships and some scholarship applications and works to expand the research arm of RJOS. They are the liaison to CORR, the official journal of RJOS.


  1. Education Committee

2 positions, 3 year term 2023-2026

2 Active/Candidate members 

The education committee organizes webinars that occur year round,  and catalogs/archives all past webinars. The committee approves and catalogs all surveys, and collects publication data as needed. They work with the program committee to plan annual meeting education events.


  1. Mentorship Committee

2 positions, 3 year term 2023-2026

1 Active/Candidate member

1 Student member (MS3/4)

The mentorship committee provides multiple avenues for mentorship for medical students, residents and established physicians. This can include creating individual mentor/mentee pairs,  hosting group mentorship panels, using social media to reach members. The mentorship committee will provide mentors from all types of career paths, demographics, and interests. The mentorship committee keeps a running database of residency programs and medical schools with scholarships available for underrepresented students in orthopaedics.

  1. Communications/Technology Committee

5 positions, 3 year term 2023-2026

1 Active Candidate member (Podcast)

1 Resident/Student member (Social media liaison to RJOS Board/Committees)

3 Student members (Social Media)

The Communications/Technology Committee turns the gears behind the scenes of RJOS – from website maintenance, to social media outreach and podcast creation – they are at the cutting edge of bring RJOS to our members. As we continue to grow, this committee needs committed members who are in touch with the best ways to reach all of our members.


Applications for all positions will remain open until Wednesday, January 11, 2023 at midnight Central Standard Time. To apply for any position(s) above, click here.