Board Members


Dori N. Cage, MD 

Corinna Franklin, MD

Mark G. Gebhardt, MD  


Immediate Past President:

Alexandra E. Page, MD     


Committee Chairs:

Bylaws: Marlene DeMaio, MD  

Membership: Amy T. Moeller, MD   

Mentoring: Christen Russo, MD

Nominating: Alexandra E. Page, MD     

Annual Meeting Program: Selina Poon, MD and Stephanie S. Pearce, MD, Co-Chairs

Scientific: Deana S. Mercer, MD   

Professional Development: Jothi Murali-Larson, MD   


Board of Specialties (BOS) Representatives:

RJOS 1-year BOS Representative – Dawn LaPorte, MD  

RJOS 3-year BOS Representative – Julie Samora, MD

DAB Liaison:

Julie Samora, MD 


WHAB Liaison:

Corinna Franklin, MD