Dawn LaPorte, MD
Immediate Past President

Dr. LaPorte has served as the Johns Hopkins orthopedic residency program director for over nine years and is currently the Vice Chair for education. In these roles, she has lead, advocated for, and mentored 25 residents a year and helped lead and guide 38 faculty members to appreciate and recognize the importance of the residency program and of resident education. She also served on the Governing Committee of the Council of Orthopedic Residency Directors (CORD) for four years, as Secretary and then as Communications Chair. She has served as Co-Chair of the Resident Educator Workshop at the ASSH Annual Meeting since 2007 and is currently Chair of the ASSH Resident Education Committee. She is also an AAOS representative on the ACGME orthopedic surgery Residency Review Committee.

Dr. LaPorte served as residency program director as well as director of the orthopedic medical student clerkship for over eight years at her institution. In those roles, she served as a mentor to many medical students interested in orthopedic surgery as well as to orthopedic residents (as many as 8/25 women). She recently set up a formal faculty/resident mentoring program as a part of residency and has hosted Perry outreach programs to encourage young women to pursue a career in orthopedic surgery. She helped to foster greater engagement and participation by faculty and residents in the medical student Orthopaedic Interest Group activities and helped increase the number and frequency of these events as well as made them more hands-on and interactive e.g, casting/splinting session, UE and LE anatomy sessions, etc. She also helped mentor a woman medical student recently who researched the history of women in orthopaedic surgery and hosted a regional women in orthopedic surgery event.

Dr. LaPorte has also participated in a women’s leadership program and mentored junior faculty and helped promote their careers and leadership. One of her recent junior faculty colleagues participated in the women’s leadership program at Johns Hopkins as well as the young leader’s program of the ASSH and has just become a member of the Ruth Jackson Orthopedic Society. Dr. LaPorte is also a member of the steering committee for the women in hand surgery organization and has mentored young women entering the field of hand surgery through that organization and her role in two hand surgery fellowship programs.

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