2023 She For She Award Recipient
Audrey Tsao, MD

The RJOS “She For She” Award recognizes a female orthopaedic surgeon who serves as a strong mentor and sponsor for women in orthopaedics, supporting and empowering females at all states of their careers to achieve their professional goals. 

 The recipient is selected by the RJOS Leadership Team from nominees based on the following criteria: 

 *Advocates for all women in orthopaedics 

*Provides support, mentorship, and sponsorship for multiple women

*Inspires women to strive for stretch positions

*Promotes work/life balance

*Encourages camaraderie amongst women

*Walks side by side with female colleagues, lifting others up 


RJOS is pleased to recognize Dr. Audrey Tsao as the 2023 “She For She” Award recipient of the She For She Award.   Dr. Tsao was nominated by multiple RJOS members.  Below is a small selection of excepts from those who nominated her:

  • She has been a pioneer advocating for women in orthopaedic surgery
  • She empowered women to take leadership roles, mentored them to be leaders, and gave them the courage and tools to speak up, stand out, and take initiative to make important changes
  • Audrey exemplifies the selfless and supportive advocate, proactive sponsor, and team-based leader.
  • At every turn, Dr. Tsao is quick to promote or suggest a female speaker, female surgeon to do a project, woman orthopaedic surgeon to take on a research project or be on a committee in a leadership position.


RJOS would also like to recognize the following orthopaedic surgeons who were also nominated this year.   Thank you for all that you do to advance women in orthopaedics! 

Bettina Gyr, MD

Ellen Raney, MD

Christen Russo, MD

Kristy Weber, MD


Click here to view a photo of all nominees!

2023 She For She Award Image