2023 Freddie Fu "He For She" Award Recipient
Amiethab "Tabs" Aiyer, MD

The Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society (RJOS) annual  Freddie Fu “He For She” Award proudly recognizes a male orthopaedic surgeon who serves as a strong mentor and sponsor for women in orthopaedics, supporting and empowering females at all stages of their careers to achieve their professional goals.

 The recipient is selected based on the following criteria:

Open advocate for women in orthopaedics

Continued support, mentorship and sponsorship for various women

Forward-minded, inclusive thinker  


The Ruth Jackson Orthopaedic Society is proud to recognize Dr. Amiethab "Tabs" Aiyer as the 2023 recipient of the Freddie Fu "He for She" award.  Dr. Aiyer was recommended to receive this award by an unprecedented 19 individual nominations.  Below is a small selection of excerpts from those who nominated him: 

  • He is the epitome of support and mentorship 
  • I have not met another practicing surgeon who is so devoted to his mentees, and I truly believe he has positively impacted the development of future generations of strong female orthopaedic surgeons
  • Dr. Aiyer has lived up to his well-reputable social media title as the "ortho-mentor" - mentoring countless medical students, residents and peers. 
  • What truly makes Dr. Aiyer stand out as an inspirational leader is his humility and ability to connect with people from all walks of live. 
  • He is dedicated to addressing the gender inequity that exists in the field of orthopaedics.  He understands the barriers women face in this male-dominated field and helps provide them with confidence and exposure. 
  • He has played a large role in my decision to pursue orthopaedic surgery, and I will always be thankful to him! 
  • Dr. Aiyer is a fierce champion for diversity, equity and inclusion.  He embodies everything this award stands for. 
  • He embodies "allyship" and "mentorship" and serves as an important role model for all of us.   Tabs has nearly single0handedly changed the mentorship playing field in this country for medical students interested in orthopaedic surgery.   


RJOS would also like to recognize the following orthopaedic surgeons who were also nomiated this year.   Thank you for all that you do to advance women in orthopaedics! 



Michael Archdeacon, MD 

David Adkin, MD 

Eben Carroll, MD 

Charles S. Day, MD, MBA   

Anthony M DiGioia, MD 

James R. Ficke, MD 

Simon Fleming, MD 

Gary E. Friedlaender, MD  

Charles Giangarra, MD 

Kenneth Gundle, MD 

MaCalus Hogan, MD 

Cassim Igram, MD 

Kevin Plancher, MD 

Todd Ritzman 

Michael K. Ryan, MD 

Richard Santore, MD 

Matt Schmitz, MD 

Rahul Vaidya, MD 

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2023 Freddie Fu He For She Award Recipient Image